Friday, May 16, 2014

Finding a Specific Microsoft Patch on a Host

After the Word (.rtf) 0-day was announced at the end of March, we turned on an alert to let us know when an .rtf file was delivered to the company.  Until the patch was applied, we actually blocked the incoming mail, inspected it, and if it was clean, we allowed it to reach its destination.  After the patch, we just alerted on the incoming mail. 

It's been a couple of months, and we are still getting the alerts.  Before I turned off the alerts, I wanted to ensure that the patch was on my host.  A quick script I ran to look for the specific patch was:

wmic qfe | find "KB2953095"

It seemed to work ok.

If there are better/easier ways to do this, leave a comment.

Somewhat off-topic....I can't believe the number of people that still send documents as .rtf.  Why not just use Word?  Or a text document?  The number of incoming .rtf documents was way higher than I would have guessed.  Most were resumes or travel booking documents.

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